If You Have Experienced Wage Theft, Then Contact an Unpaid Wages Lawyer Near Greenbelt, MD and the Surrounding Areas

If you have been unfairly deprived of the wages you’re due, then get a wage garnishment lawyer to help with your case. An unpaid wages lawyer from Obineche Law Firm can help assess your case and fight for your rights. Our lawyers: 

  • Care deeply about our clients. 
  • Pay close attention to detail. 
  • Have over 20 years of experience. 
  • Have extensive knowledge of the legal system. 
  • Strive towards the best possible outcome for every case. 

We understand how stressful and frustrating it can be if you aren’t paid the wages that you’re due. That’s why we always go above and beyond to provide our clients with reliable representation. If you’re near Greenbelt, MD, then consider calling today. 

How Can a Wage Garnishment Lawyer Help?

In Maryland and the District of Columbia, employees are entitled to a minimum wage. According to overtime laws, any time worked beyond the 40-hour work week is subject to overtime pay. Should you not be given the correct pay, then it is considered wage theft, and you are entitled to compensation. A wage and hour lawyer can assist you in pursuing this by: 

  • Assessing your case to determine the best path forward. 
  • Helping to file your wage claim. 
  • Handling negotiations between you and your employer. 
  • Representing you in court should a solution not be reached. 

Get the Representation You Deserve

Failure to receive overtime pay isn’t the only sort of wage theft. Unreimbursed business expenses, unauthorized deductions from paychecks, and not giving a final paycheck to a terminated employee are all covered by this section of the law. If you believe you have a case, then please contact an unpaid wages lawyer. Get assistance with your case today. 

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An employment contract is a signed agreement between employer and employee, which outlines their relationship and clarifies any issues that may arise during that relationship.


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